Sell Your Stuff Here Plus on Amazon, EBay, Wish,com, Facebook Store & More For Only $25 Per Year!!

Sell Your Stuff Here Plus on Amazon, EBay, Wish,com, Facebook Store & More For Only $25 Per Year!!

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you-can-promote-your-product-hereLaunch your own small business beginning with your very own page and product listing here on


Your product or service will be listed right along side the major brands from all over our wonderful Globe!  

Only $25 per year to list here!  This is a limited time offer during Summer of 2017.   Go for it, start somewhere, let it be here!

Add only $10 to your listing here and you get a QR CODE for LIFE!

Add another $20.00 and get your very own custom made "Branded QR Code."  Now, if you want to reach higher into the stars, add further still yet another small $15 a payment and you will be the proud owner of the emerging "Financial Branded QR Code!" 


First of all, if you were to order a "Financially Optimized Branded QR Code" you would be looking at a minimal $250 investment plus, most likely, another $19 per month to administer it.   However, because we're a Creative Peoples Collective, you get all of our advertising products and services for up to 80% off.  You do the math.  We charge only $35.00 for your "financially optimized branded QR Code."

A financially optimized & branded qr code is a qr code you can post, stick, print, showcase, broadcast, share, upload, push or hand out anytime, anywhere that becomes your very own personal "paper points-of-sale" or "paper drive-through" as some call them in fun.  However, this is serious business.  Just think, for many decades advertising grew and grew in stature in our societies and with the on-going modernization of media like television, internet and smart phones, advertising became even more powerful, and, even more impossible for an average artist, performer, small shop, charity organization or person to afford.  

We often refer to QR Codes as evening the "advertising playing field" and we firmly and passionately believe this too!  With one little financially optimized & branded qr code, you are armed with an "anywhere, anytime points-of-sale" and you can collect payments, subscriptions, cash or credit donations or simple but very important new client emails, membership sign ups or appointments for your own service.

SCAN our own Financially Optimized & Branded QR Code" to order our own services.  This will undoubtedly clearly demo the power of our QR Codes, especially the financially optimized & branded ones.

Just to recap, here are the prices:

  • Reg QR Code (any color)  -  $10.00

  • Branded QR Code (logo/image in center of QR Code)  - $25.00

  • Financially Optimized & Branded QR Code  -  $40.00


To summarize all the powers within a qr code is to say "we turn all advertising materials from a "look only" on the spot use to a full "look & buy instantly" uses, right at the most important part Your new potential or existing customers journey to purchase which is that all so important "passion-point" where the first impression poignancy is most prevalent!  It is there at this emotional point that most shoppers actually make that most important "Decision to Purchase!"  We've all watched powerful or funny or useful slice of life ads and we've all also had that "Wow or Aha Moment" after seeing a product advertisement on paper, on the internet, on our smartphones or on television.  It is precisely right at that very point on he pin that purchases are often made and it is also that very point we make about the power of your owning a financially optimized & branded qr code. 

Watch for more articles here on about the power of the QR Code in general.  If you would like to know exactly how a qr code could benefit your business, your office, your company, your art, your performance or your career or job hunting, let us know by emailing us at and one of our creative people in our collective would be happy to send you a completely custom tailored list that specifies atleast 10 ways qr codes would benefit you and or your business.

Remember, a QR Code will sell your product or services Both online and offline wherever a poster, flyer or piece of paper can be handed out, a digital signage screen is placed or where a qr code sticker is stuck-on.  "Stuck on you, and the way I feel now is that the qr code is always gonna stay, yes its on its way, we're mighty glad you paid."

Add $20 more and get your product listed on, or even today!  Don't wait to be last on the list when you can now be among the first many!