24-Carat Gold Foil Mask

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Ingredients: 24K active gold, glutathione, vitamin E, leaf seaweed extract.

Net content: 220ML/ branch.


effectively moisturize skin, supplement sufficient moisture and nutrition to skin, improve skin coarse, flabby phenomenon such as wrinkles, and lock water moisture, improve skin elasticity, make skin water embellish full, full of youthful energy;

Rapid penetration, deep into the skin layer, promote the cell proliferation, deep repair skin;

Improve skin cell vitality, promote cell metabolism and improve the quality of skin cells.

Usage: apply a proper amount of facial mask and apply it evenly to the whole face. The mask should reach a certain thickness to completely separate the skin from the air.

After 15~20 minutes, use finger to massage the facial skin.

Rinse well with clean water.