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Drive-In Classic Tease - Hot Dog Does Backflips

Drive-In Classic Tease - Hot Dog Does Backflips

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Do you remember Drive-Ins? Especially at this time of the year? Boy, do we ever! What wonderful memories our local drive-in provided, both during my childhood with my wonderful Parents and at the end of every summer as a teenager. Every last weekend of the summer, in our city of Ottawa, Canada anyway, it was the big weekend for the local drive-in. Oh what excitement, what sheer fun, what good friends! We'd stock up on Mom & Dad's cooler, make a quick run to our beer store, pick up some ice and plastic tipped cigar's, and then line-up at the drive-in's entrance, only a mile away!
By this time it would have become around 8:00PM and the sun was just starting to fade down slowly as our excitement built quickly! The drive-in entrance was now jammed with drive-in goers,each packed into one kids parents car and it is amazing how patiently everyone seemed (along with the odd honk of a horn and a hoot or a holler).
I remember that we would have been listening rock music, cranking up the likes of April Wine, ACDC, Led Zeppelin ll on our state-of-the-art Cassette Player/Car Stereo. As we inched slowly closer and closer to the inside of the drive in, me driving my Mom & Dad's Oldsmobile Station Wagon, the air was absolutely "filled with electricity."

Drive-In Classic Tease hope to help you relive or recapture some of those drive-in memories!