Spirit Wire Rings

Spirit Wire Rings

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Aboriginal singer-songwriter, composer Leona Sackaney designs and produces her own brand of "Spirit Wire Rings."  

"I am a fairly spiritual person, I believe in the power of positive thoughts and I ensure that while I'm hand-making my rings, I maintain positive & loving thoughts."

Leona has more than a dozen designs to date but by January 2018, expect that number to bump up to dozens of designs.  The rings you see on this page are completely "1-of-a-kind" exclusive designs which means that she only makes one ring in each particular design.  

Leona's designs ensure you are the only owner of that "particular style and design of ring!"

Some exciting design styles include:

1.  Bubble Gum Ring

2.  The Chrystal Ball Ring

3.  The Candy Coated Ring

4.  Green Luck Ring

and much more to come in the coming weeks.